Supporters Behind Father Bob Maguire

Fans of Father Bob Maguire have shown their support to keep Father Bob in Melbourne. Supporters all over Victoria and those that surround Melbourne came together to show their affection with an army of 250 banded together, four times the usual Mass turnout. As Father Bob turned 75, he was required by church law to offer his resignation, however he felt it was not time.

As he walked down the path inside the church before his service, he was heavily applauded and received a standing ovation. On the other hand, Archbishop Hart released a press statement reading Father Bob needed to go due to financial mismanagement which included selling church property to benefit his ministry to the poor.

Father Bob remains adamant that he did not sell property without approval and insists all transactions were approved with Archbishop signature. Father Bob compared Brisbane to Melbourne and reminded supporters to keep the peace should he fail in his bid to stay on. Referring to the rebel Catholic priest Peter Kennedy who split his congregation after intense pressure to step down at St Mary’s Catholic Church in South Brisbane.

There is no doubt plenty of support for Father Bob and what he stands for. No one ever forgot Bob, what he did and his energy and commitment to the community.